LinkNZ exists to connect churches and

leaders throughout New Zealand and beyond

We treasure this land.

We believe that our mission is weaved throughout Aotearoa’s sound and song.

We value authentic relationships, spirit life and a community mission

Churches that are relational in nature and prophetic in spirit inspire us; churches who love Jesus and desire to let His voice take the lead.

We are committed to journeying with others in a relational and accountable manner. We believe that churches benefit from a wider perspective that comes from being connected to others beyond their own local settings.

CVT is a mentoring based programme designed to produce people who can pioneer, plant churches or hold significant leadership responsibility in different spheres of church life.

The course runs for a three-year period, involving a week long camp, book reviews, essays, and exegesis of scripture for those being mentored by their local church leaders.

The content of the course is divided into three sections:

1. Thinking as a leader

Developing a biblical and theological frame.

2. Living as a leader

Life, character, and relationship with God.

3. Acting as a leader

Leadership and ministry skills.


Missional life & Church Planting

We love our land and its people and we’re committed to being part of its healing and future hope.


We also believe in apostles; people who are called to live beyond their borders, either at home or abroad.


We value pioneers; communities who represent fresh expressions of church life, and people who are willing to strike out and start new communities.


Places we gather

We meet up at regional leaders’ days, CVT equipping week, national leaders’ Hui, worship events, training moments and a variety of other events we feel called to promote.


Worship  /  Creativity  /  Prophetic


We believe that it’s important to tell our story, through the mouths of the prophets and the songs of the creatives. It is a story as unique as our land. Songs from our communities have helped to shape our prophetic journey and put words to our direction as a network.